Stephen Rosenbach’s “Afternoon Light in Annapolis” Photo Safari, March 18

Many thanks to professional photographer Stephen Rosenbach, who took my husband David and me on a “Afternoon Light in Annapolis” photo safari on Sunday, March 18. Stephen gave us lots of great pointers, and emphasized the role of reflection, shadow, pattern, and color in our photos. For more information about photo safaris  led by Stephen, please see Below are some of my attempts.

Annapolis Photo Safari Leona 180318 46Annapolis Photo Safari Leona 180318 37Annapolis Photo Safari Leona 180318 27Annapolis Photo Safari Leona 180318 17




Photographs from Yemen – My Home, 1987-1988

The Neighborhood       Plowing in Yemen

 Our Home in Sana'a        yemen0086 - Version 2yemen0101 - Version 2

Photographs from Egypt – My Home, 1988-1991

Riders in the Desert, Pyramid Plateau

Pyramid Plateau

Fishing in Luxor

Camel at Jolie Ville, LuxorInside a Temple in Luxor

Trip to Laos, 1998

That Luong

Wat Phra Keo

Wat Mixay

ErawanWat across from That Luong

Trips to Thailand, 1981, 1984, and 2001

Jim Thompson's House

Jim Thompson's Garden

Wat Phra Keo

Wat ArunWat Phra Keo

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