Published Works

Short Stories:

“Dreamers,” published in the online edition of The Thoughtful Dog, March, 2017. A young man reassesses his life after a visit to a graveyard.

“The Ferret,” published in the print edition of The MacGuffin, winter, 2014. A political and military thriller set during the early days of the Vietnam War.

“Baltimore Billy,”  published by The Western Online, July, 2013 edition. A Western about three individuals who find more trouble than they bargained for in Missouri in the 1800s.

“Ring Down,” published in Larks Fiction Magazine, August 13, 2012 edition. Technology, politics, and intrigue in the U.S. in the year 2024.

“One for Our Side,”  published by The North Atlantic Review, Issue 22, 2011. An American teacher in Yemen must choose between duty and politics prior to the Gulf War.

“The Starting Gate,”  published by the on-line magazine, Residential Aliens, 2010. A jockey faces choices that are out of this world.

“Oil to the Chief,”  published by the on-line magazine, Golden Visions, 2007. A flash-fiction story about a futuristic Washington.



Thumper, or, Life on the Farm, published by 1st Ride Enterprises, 2017. Growing up on a small tobacco farm in Maryland in the 1960s, a boy faces challenges from his family and society. In the midst of this turmoil, a dog named Thumper barges into his life: an animal with the face of a hound, the legs of a dachshund, and a tail that can’t stop wagging.

The Elephant and the Bird Feeder, published by 1st Ride Enterprises, 2016. A tale about three youngsters in Thailand who must work together to find a home for a elephant. A children’s chapter book for grades 2 to 4.



“There’s No Place Like Dome,” published by “Sky and Telescope” magazine, November, 2008. A humorous look at building a home astronomical observatory.


Previously Published Photography:

Photograph accompanying the article “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away,” by Leslie Ayers, published by “MacLife Magazine,” February, 2009.

Photograph accompanying the article, “Tidbits that are Good to Know,” by Mort Butler, published by “CapMac Offline, the Monthly Newsletter of Capitol Macintosh, Austin, Texas,” October, 2008.